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Explore the countryside and discover the beauty of our Butterflies with this colourful guide.
Identify those pesky weeds in your garden, discover ancient remedies and tips on managing these curiously pretty plants.
Use this guide to help identify Dragonflies and Damselflies, easy to use colour picker helps identification.
Discover more about the exciting Castles found around the UK.
Beautiful Grasses, Sedges, Reeds and Rushes. Great for School Field Trips or just to find the best plant for your Garden or Pond.
Ever wondered at the Bird hovering above, use this guide to discover about these raptors.
Over 200 creatures from the Red Sea including 75 dive and snorkeling sites along with ship wrecks and coral caves listed.
Over 500 entries to discover for the walker, forager or just a day out with the family at the beach.
Discover Ancient and Prehistoric Monuments near to you!
Nearly 50,000 entries covering the Stone Age to the Iron Age.
Pocket Guide UK Dragonflies

I have just opened the app for the first time and must congratulate you immediately. My first impressions are that the app is a wonderful, practical and, in all senses a beautifully created guide. I knew nothing of Odonata before today but your app has made me enthusiastic to know more and to find, observe and protect them.

You have also included seamless additions of maps, locations, weather and notes. Many other apps should take a note on performance and usefulness and design from you. Many many thanks. This will be such good fun!

Kind regards SteveT
Covering 63 breeds of Guinea Pigs, contains a wealth of information on caring for these lovable creatures.